Katarzyna Wojczulanis-Jakubas

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Published in 2015

A big storm in a small body: seasonal changes in body mass, hormone concentrations and leukocyte profile in the little auk (Alle alle)

This is a descriptive study that shows a great number of body condition variables that were measured during the whole breeding season in the little auk, i.e. body mass, baseline corticosterone (CORT) and prolactin (PRL) concentrations and leucocyte profile [basically heterophils-to-lymphocytes (H/L) ratio]. The revaled pattren of changes in these variables clearly indicates that reproduction very much challenges the parents' body condition. Interestingly,  there were very subtle sex differences, indicating similar parental investments of males andfemales.

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Isohypsibius karenae

New species of Tardigrada on Spitsbergen

New species of tiny water bear (Tardigrada) was found and described by Polish reasercher, Krzysztof Zawierucha. The guy was named after me, as I was the one who picked up the precious sample from the ground :)

"Etymology.— Karen means Katarzyna in Norwegian. I dedicate this new species to Katarzyna Wojczulanis−Jakubas from the University of Gdańsk (Poland) who collected the material."

Thank you Krzysztof!

Seen on last vacations

Last summer I had a woderful vacations on Borneo, which is home to around 394 fish (including 19 endemic), 100 amphibians, 420 birds (37 endemic), and 222 mammals (44 endemic). Of that the proboscis monkey Nasalis larvatus is probably the most spectacular in every possible way you can imagine.

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